Terminology in Daton
Terms used in Daton
    Integration - Connecting a data source or a data destination on Daton using their respective pre-built connectors
    Pending Integration - Initial state when the table structure on the warehouse is created and jobs are yet to be initiated
    Active Integration - When at least one job is executed. Active state does not mean that entire data is extracted from the data source and loaded to the warehouse
    Paused Integration - User managed state where in the integration is stopped temporarily
    Deleted Integration - User managed state where in the integration is deleted permanently. Table cannot be recovered in Daton after deleting it
    Data Source - A platform from which data can be periodically extracted. Data source could be a database, file storage, SaaS application/platform which provide data through APIs, or applications which provide data through web-hooks
    Data Destination - Any cloud based data warehouse or relational database. We presently support Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift
    Jobs - A data pipeline scheduled as per user configuration which extracts data from a data source and loads to the destination. Jobs are created at table level E.g. there would be 5 jobs for 5 tables in an integration, one for each table
    Logs - Specifies details for each job such as the number of records processed, start and end time, processing errors, etc.
    Records - A record is a row created in the data destination table
    Full Load - Initial data extract corresponding to the amount of historic data configuration
    Incremental Load - Loads subsequent to the full load, which are executed depending on the frequency configured. Data is extracted since the previous successful job until present
    Replication Frequency - The frequency at the data is replicated on Daton
    History - The amount of historic data in years to be replicated
    Replication Field - Pivot field used to identify the incremental data. The default replication field for all SaaS applications is 'Updated Date'. Users can select a replication field for all database sources
    Organization Admin (or simply Admin) - Admin is the primary user from an organization who signs up to Daton first. He manages subscriptions, users/accounts and integrations for the organization
    Organization Users (or simply Users) - Additional users are added to Daton by the Admin. Each user can integrate data sources and data warehouses. Users cannot manage subscriptions and other organizational users
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