Integrate Shopify on Daton

Follow the below instructions to get the configuration details and to integrate Shopify on Daton -


Step 1 - Sign-in to your Shopify app and click Settings->General to get your Shop name

Get Shopify shop name

Step 2 - Add new user and assign permissions for all data required. Click on Settings->Account and Add staff account. Deselect Full permissions check box and select permissions for all data points required.

Add new user for Daton
Add user and select permissions

Setup Shopify Integration on Daton

Step 1 - Select Shopify from Connectors page and provide input for all configuration parameters. Read more about Shopify configuration here‚Äč

Shopify configuration screen

Step 2 - Enter your shop name as described above

Shopify shop name

Step 3 - Login with the user credentials as created above. Alternately you can use any existing user credentials for integration.

Step 4 - Follow the next screens to select required tables and columns and submit the integration