How to setup Google BigQuery Project

Google BigQuery setup instructions

Step 1: Go to and sign in with a Google Account

Step 2: You will be provided with $300 credit initially and can be extended by Google on a case to case basis

Step 3: Create a BigQuery project on Google Console and note the project-id. Click and expand 'Select a Project' and create a new dedicated project for Daton

Create BigQuery Project

Step 4: Enable BigQuery APIs for the project by selecting dashboard on APIs and Services menu

Google APIs and Services
Enable BigQuery API

Note: Daton will only need BigQuery service from the Google Cloud Platform. Other services such as Compute Engine are not required

Step 5: Give warehouse edit permissions to Daton service account from GCP ‘IAM’ tab. Give 'BigQuery Job User' and 'BigQuery Data Owner' permissions to '[email protected]' service account

Permissions for Daton
Permissions for Daton Service Account

Step 6: Note the BigQuery project id and provide the same while integrating BigQuery data warehouse on Daton

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